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Kim P-M

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"What a hidden treasure!"

What a hidden treasure. Amazing talent and love put into all they do. The food was delicious. We had the breakfast choices and of course the Cuban coffee. On our list for lunch next time. You’ve got to check this place out!

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Angelica C.

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"Walking into this bakery is like walking into my grandmother's home"

Walking into this bakery is like walking into my grandmother's home. The food is incredible and homemade, prices are reasonable and the staff treats you like family. I highly recommend this bakery to anyone who is looking for the best Cuban in town and the smoothest cafe con leche.

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Natasha T.

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"Authentic Pastelito de Guayaba"

I have been looking everywhere for authentic pastelito de guayaba. Each time, I’ve been disappointed by either too much phyllo dough or too little guava. But this morning, I found the real deal at Bakery Makel.
The owner and her associate were so helpful and welcoming.
I know it will be a struggle to keep off all of the weight I’ve lost now that temptation is right down the street.

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Brain M.

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"Award-Winning Pastry Chef!"

Stumbled across this Latin bakery while headed to Clearwater Beach. Spoke to the owner and she told me about her Executive Chef. She’s an award-winning pastry chef who’s been in the business for over 30 years. She bakes massive wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and other types of fancy desserts. She also specializes in Latin bakery products. I got a few empanadas and my girlfriend got some sort of sandwich. We spit it, and it was amazing! We left with some desserts and ate them at the beach! Highly recommend!

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Jodi T-S

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"3 visits in a week and a half. Glad it's close to home."

This bakery post came up in my newsfeed and knew I needed to try it. Sent my husband, who was out running errands, there immediately for the empanadas lol. He returned with 2 of the flakiest, crispiest, yummiest empanadas I have had! We have been back for Cuban sandwiches, fresh baked Cuban bread, breakfast sandwiches, flan, and cafe con leche. 3 visits in a week and a half. Glad it's close to home.

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Lena C.

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"Love this place!"

Best empanadas ever big and fresh !! reasonable prices! No more driving to Tampa !! Love this place

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