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Welcome to Bakery Makel

The name “Makel” is a combination of the two owners’ names – Chef Mabel & Kelly McCann. Our Team at Bakery Makel has a gift for making a variety of delicious Latin and international pastries that are gathering a reputation in Clearwater.

International Pastry Chef and Nicaraguan-born Weimar

has been in the bakery business for 30 years. She is a graduate of Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts and trained under one of the leading chefs in Miami. She values authentic baking and every baking product she produces is made from scratch using the finest fresh ingredients. Her expertise ranges from Specialty Cakes, Wedding Cakes, International pastries, desserts, and bread. Chef Mabel’s hard work and knowledge shine through in all her delicious authentic bakery products.

Latin staples like Tres Leches, flan and empanadas share spots on her menu with bread pudding, rice pudding, and many more desserts.

Mabel has a gift for cake design, and she continues to delight party-goers with custom cakes made with the originality of a truly creative artist.